How To Safely Change A Flat Tire

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Flat tire change Tools, Equipment, and Procedure.

  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Spare Tire
  • Car Jack
  • Wrench For Lug Nuts
  • Chocks/Rock (To securely Position Wheels Opposite side of Flat tire.)

14 Steps (Flat Tire Change Process)

  • Make sure your vehicle is safe and securely parked off the road
  • For Stick Shift (Engage the 1 st Gear)
  • For Automatic (Make sure the car is in park)
  • Apply the hand brake
  • Position the chock or rock at the front and back sides of the tire directly opposite the flat tire
  • Locate Jack in the trunk
  • Remove spare tire from trunk (Sedan & Station Wagons)
  • For SUV’s use the tool to lower spare tire from under vehicle
  • Remove hubcap from wheels (If necessary)
  • For Vehicles with lock on wheels, (Remove key for lock in glove compartment)
  • Loosen lug nuts slightly (Counter Clockwise Position. One than the one opposite until all is slightly loosed.
  • Place Jack directly under vehicle where jack socket or jack point is. Jack car tire up about six inches off the ground giving room for the spare tire to securely get mounted on.
  • Remove flat tire and replace with spare tire.
  • Screw lug nuts one on, than opposite until all is slightly fastened. Lower and remove jack from under vehicle. Use wrench to securely fasten (Clockwise until tightly fasten) Put hubcap back. Check tire pressure with pressure gauge. (Look for PSI on side of tire to determine tire pressure.)
  • Replace all tools and equipment in trunk including flat tire.

“Drive Carefully, Cause the life you safe May Be Your Own, or that of a Friend”