Mobile Tire Repair in 30 Minutes or Less


Philadelphia’s Premier Mobile Tire Repair Service

A flat tire is bad enough, finding out your spare is also flat, or fighting with stripped lug nuts and missing equipment can make a situation go from bad to worse. RoadsideXpress’ team of technicians will assess the damage and decide on what mobile tire repair service is best for your situation. Our technician will give you a fair and honest price for your mobile repair and get you back on the road.

RoadsideXpress offers a variety of mobile tire services including”

Tire Installation

If you have a flat tire that is not repairable RoadsideXpress will replace your flat tire with your spare or replacement tire. We bring our own commercial grade tools and jacks in order to ensure safety and reliability in situations where changing a tire might be less than ideal.

Tire Plugging

Often times if your flat tire is caused by a puncture on the tread surface we are able to plug your tire instead of replace it. This can get your back on the road quickly and minimize costs. If you need a tire plug one of our technicians will remove your flat tire, plug it and inflate it to the manufacturers specification before reinstalling it. Do not waste time using fix-a-flat in a vehicle with a pucture. Using fix a flat will only add to issues down the road including tire balancing issues and sometimes fix a flat can ultimately ruin a tire which will need replacing. Call RoadsideXpress and ask for our mobile tire service instead!

Wheel Lock Removal

Often times wheel locks can become damaged, stripped or simply the key has gone missing. RoadsideXpress offers wheel lock removal as part of our tire change service or as a stand alone service so that you are able to repair your vehicle yourself in the future. Like the rest of our mobile tire services we are able to come to your location for this!

RoadsideXpress offers a discount if you need multiple mobile tire repair services.

Mobile Tire Repair Pricing

  • Flat rate of $134.95 for stripped lug nut removal
  • Flat rate of $134.95 for wheel lock removal
  • Flat rate of $134.95 for car tire plugging (mobile tire repair)
  • Cancelation Charge of $64.95
  • No hidden fees!
  • No membership needed!

Mobile tire repair is a service offered by RoadsideXpress where a trained technician will come to your location and perform a specific type of tire service. Our mobile tire service is great when you find yourself needing a tire plug instead of a tire change. Roadsidexpress’ mobile tire services also include stripped lug nut removal and wheel lock removal. Call us now at 215-422-3108 and get back on the road quickly and safely.

The Area’s Best Roadside Tire Repair Service

RoadsideXpress provides mobile tire repair everywhere in the greater Philadelphia area including the I-95 corridor together with I-76, Market Street and Ridge Avenue. Our mobile tire repair service is ideal for people who do not want costly monthly commitments and ongoing costs. If you find yourself in need of emergency roadside assistance, give us a call for fast, affordable mobile tire repair. Our mobile tire service is aimed at helping you with unforeseen issues when handling a roadside emergency. Our roadside mobile tire service can help motorists with issues that require more tools, time, or experience when facing a situation that requires roadside tire repair.

How It Works
  • When you call RoadsideXpress a customer service representative will answer the phone (no holding and no automated calls!). After you tell them what type of tire repair you need and your vehicle information they will dispatch a mobile tire repair specialist to your vehicle location.
  • When our technician arrives at your location they will assess your vehicles repair needs and come up with a on-demand repair plan with you. Your service tech will have all the tools needed to repair your tire include a stripped lug nut removal kit, tire plugs and jacks to get your vehicle off the ground.
  • After repairing your vehicle your service technician will give your vehicle a safety check including checking your tire air pressure and making sure your lug nuts are tight before sending you on your way!

Sometimes it is possible to repair a flat tire with a plug instead of installing a spare. Our mobile tire service technicians can identify these situations and offer a tire repair instead of installing a small and usually underrated donut tire. All of our mobile tire service technicians are equipped with air compressors, tire plugs, and lug nut lock removers to make sure they can handle any roadside tire repair situation. RoadsideXpress can also perform a roadside flat tire change if you find that your tire is irreparable.

Call us today at 215-422-3108 or save our number for whenever you need assistance.